About Us

Mibaru is an Australian company and a premier provider of cloud services to small businesses. We deliver a range of services from email solutions, IP telephony, instant messaging services, file management, security, backup, support services and more. Our infrastructure ensures high reliability, availability with a support team available around the clock. Mibaru, through our product and service offerings empowers businesses with cutting edge technology at an affordable price to new and existing businesses.

“Our vision is to provide professional cloud services and solutions with award winning customer service to empower small Australian businesses.”

Our people and work culture are a huge part to our success story and we are committed to continually improving. Since surroundings play an important part in nurturing these core values, we also focus on providing an environment which fosters:

  • Open communications
  • A diverse workforce with a common vision
  • Continuous learning and improvement
  • Community involvement
  • Respect for everyone
  • Equal opportunity for everyone
The key attributes to our success stem from the ability to understand customer challenges and deliver collaborative clouds solutions that drive business productivity, improve efficiency, and reduce overall costs.